A British artist of impeccable taste for art and music. He orginated from 4chan and reddit seeks to steal him away as his artist. He commons 4chan's board's /d/. and /v/. His whereabouts are unknown to the public but there are hints he lives off the coast of England to avoid NATO forces.

After many procrastinations and layoffs researchers have found out the power to LemonFront. Unlike Fenoxo, he follows the path as a Chaos Servant which is understood by the natural religion of Britain, The Warriors of Sunlight. It is speculated that he can conjure fire at will because of this following, however there is no proof or signs that he has used such abilities yet.


LemonFont's Yacht

The vessel that LemonFont has been identified off the coast of north, south and best korea(s). Fenoxo, Modeseven, and, Jacques00 have been spotted numerous times on and off the yacht's deck. It is unknown for the purpose or reason they travel avoiding authorities. The boat is known to be hidden behind seven proxies to stop any attempt to back door their systems by either CIA, FBI, or/and Adam Jensen.

The picture of said yacht is the only proof that it truely exsist. A Canadian spy attempted to take surveillance but being a woman in her self ended up being seduced by all four of them in one sitting. Discovering that she was a intellegence agent and redditor securing information to her goverment and redddit, the artist had captured her. Her fate to this day is unknown but many have speculated it is a fate much worse then death. As a old wive's tale describes the terrible dungeon belonging to Fenoxo below the yacht's deck.

A known conspiricy vastly regareded as fact that Lemonfont has a high ability in fencing. It is said that he challenges any man on any pirate inhabited ports and with fast maneuvering of quick time events he is able to rip and dismember any oponent. It is said as a old folk tale when ever Fenoxo and Lemonfont spar there leaves much destruction in their wake and yet they only parry each others moves.


He doesn't tip.